July 19, 2024
Altcoins ‘Maniac Phase’ Preparing, Analysts Call For Next Leg Up

The crypto industry has seen a positive shift with the recent market recovery. After a Q1 full of bullish sentiment, Q2 saw many sectors of the crypto space brewing a pessimistic feeling toward altcoins.

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Experts and market watchers have reassured investors that the price corrections were part of the cycle, predicting that the bullish rally would resume after the cool-off. Now, analysts consider that altcoins are about to embark on a “massive leg higher” for the alt season.

Ethereum’s Surge Refuels Sentiment

The crypto market is up by 8.3%, with a market capitalization of $2.55 trillion. This market surge has seen Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, soar past $70,000 in the last day.

Similarly, the “king of altcoins” remarkably performed these past 24 hours. Ethereum (ETH)’s price has risen 22% since yesterday, surpassing levels not seen since mid-March.

However, ETH is yet to test its all-time high (ATH) of $4,878, set nearly two years ago. As a result, the second-largest cryptocurrency has been criticized this cycle for being “a major disappointment.”

In a turn of events, rumors of an approval of ETH spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have refueled investors’ bullish tank, “erasing 65 days of down only” with a single daily candle.

As ETH rallies, analysts believe it’s only a matter of time before the whole altcoins sector surges to kick off the altcoin season. Crypto analyst Rekt Capital highlighted the ‘Crypto Money Flow Cycle’, stating that, now that BTC and ETH have rallied, “it’s time for Altcoins to rally.”

Is The Altcoins Season Here?

During the slowdowns, market watchers have analyzed altcoins’ run this cycle. Altcoin Sherpa has stated that many tokens didn’t “run that hard” during round 1 of the bull run, resulting in his forecast of a 1-4 months “cool-off” period before resuming the uptrend.

Despite the similarities with previous bull runs, the singularities of this cycle, like the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs and the Memecoin pre-sale frenzy, have made investors question whether they would see the alt season this time.

Nonetheless, several analysts, who urged investors not to panic before, suggest the community prepares for the “maniac phase” ahead. Crypto Yoddha shared his chart for the 2024 altcoin cycle, stating that the dip was “just a higher low in an uptrend.”

Altcoins, crypto
Altcoin 2024 Cycle. Source: Crypto Yoddha on X

Per the chart, the altcoins market is now looking to retest the $1.27 trillion resistance level seen in March before testing last cycle’s $1.7 trillion ATH. To crypto Yoddha, “we’re looking at the bullish continuation” that will lead to a new market ATH during round 2.

Similarly, Top analyst Michaël van de Poppe, who recently sold all his BTC for Altcoins, stated that the Altcoin market capitalization has finished its correction:

The next step: reaching all-time high, which is ~60-70% from here.

I think #Ethereum is likely reaching that in the next 2-4 months.

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Lastly, Crypto Jelle considers that “Altcoins are about to embark on a massive leg higher” after an 18-month accumulation period. The analyst compared the market’s recent breakout to a ball being held underwater, claiming that “it’s time for history to repeat.”

Altcoins, TOTAL 2
Altcoin’s market capitalization is at $1.15 trillion. Source: TOTAL 2 on TradingView

Featured Image from Unsplash.com, Chart from TradingView.com

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