June 16, 2024
Bitcoin Small

Bitcoin saw a brief stall in its rally which triggered a decline back down to $33,700. This decline, seemingly out of nowhere, may have not been random given some developments in the crypto space. As the rally resumes once more, here’s a look at these developments.

BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF Listing Taken Down

The BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF was first listed on the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) on Tuesday, triggering the first wave of the Bitcoin rally. However, in the same day, crypto community members noticed that the listing on DTCC had been mysteriously taken down.

The listing would remain off the site for several hours while community members speculated on what could be the cause of this. Around this time, the price of Bitcoin began to fall, seemingly driven by the fact that investors saw the removal of the BlackRock listing as a sign that a Spot Bitcoin ETF wasn’t coming as soon as they expected.

Hours later, Bloomberg Analyst Joe Light revealed that the listing was back up on the site. Apparently, the initial listing and the subsequent ones had carried one small change in detail which was a change in the Create/Redeem section from a “Y” to a “N.”

Another Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart explained that this likely meant that it was to indicate whether the ETF listing was open to creations/redemptions. When Light asked if this change could point out a launch without using that attribute, to which Seyffart said:

“I personally don’t think this means all that much if I’m being honest. Think it indicates Blackrock is getting everything ready to launch if and when they get an SEC approval. And that the N just means it’s not open for create redeem because it’s not live yet.”

Bitcoin price chart from Tradingview.com

BTC recovers to $34,400 | Source: BTCUSD on Tradingview.com

BTC Price Bounces Back

The return of the BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF on the DTCC sparked enthusiasm across the space once more than it did before. The price of Bitcoin quickly started to recover and by Wednesday morning, was back above the $34,000 mark once more.

These events outline the importance of a Spot ETF and how it is the major driver behind the most recent price rally. So an approval or a rejection would both have a major impact on the digital asset’s price. For one, an approval would likely see Bitcoin clear above $40,000. However, a rejection would be detrimental to the rally, and will probably send it back below $30,000.

Presently, Bitcoin is maintaining bullish momentum above $34,100. But it is seeing small losses of 0.99% on the 24-hour chart, and its daily trading volume is down 34.58%.

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