July 21, 2024

Dogecoin still boasts one of the most active following of any cryptocurrency and the community’s involvement has been one of the most bullish use cases for it. One community member, who bought the meme coin over five years ago, has come forward to explain why they still hold the coin with expectations for where the DOGE price is headed.

Dogecoin Price Rise To $26

The trader first posted a chart to TradingView in September outlining why they believe that the Dogecoin price would see such a meteoric rise. According to the trader who goes by John Burr, he had been holding the altcoin for a long time after initially getting into it in 2017.

Going forward, the trader had seen the meteoric rise of Dogecoin through 2017 and 2018, and then again through 2021, sitting on a profitable bag since then. However, the trader is convinced that there is more to come as he says, “I am waiting the bullish wave again.”

The chart shared by Burr starts out at the $0.0615 level and then shows a similar bounce to the 2020-2021 rally. This bounce in the chart puts the DOGE price at an initial price target of $0.7, effectively returning it back to its previous all-time high levels. However, it doesn’t end there because another bounce takes place to take DOGE all the way to the $27 mark.

XRP price chart from Tradingview.com

Source: Tradingview.com

In total, the cumulation of the rally would see Dogecoin rally more than 37,500% to reach this level. This could easily rival the 2021 price jump and mark two mega pumps in the history of the coin.

Explaining his reasoning, the trader said:

When I have a conversation about securities with my buddies, the conversation typically involves action-forcing events that trigger pumps and dumps. All of this is noise because we are talking about what happens on a daily interval. When I zoom out, none of the bear arguments matter, valid or not.

Explaining The Pattern Behind The Rally

The trader points to an M pattern in the chart that backs up this forecast. This has appeared before when the price starts to rise before falling back down. But then as the trader points out, the altcoin goes on to form a W pattern which cements the bull rally.

One thing that was missing from this analysis, however, is what the trader referred to as “THE DIP”. Apparently, this is a dip in DOGE price that comes once the W pattern forms. At the time, Burr was unsure if this dip had happened, saying, “I can’t tell if we have experienced that Dip recently or if there is a big Dip coming soon. Whichever the case, I see the next bullish wave coming. And I am not going to get shaken out if the Dip does come.”

However, on October 31, Burr updated his analysis to include a confirmation of the dip. “I am now comfortable to say that “THE DIP” has passed. I expect generally sideway action until December 2023,” the trader said. “Then I expect the bull run to last throughout the year until December of 2024.”

Dogecoin price chart from Tradingview.com (DOGE trader)DOGE price settles at $0.07 | Source: DOGEUSD On Tradingview.com

Featured image from iStock, chart from Tradingview.com

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