July 24, 2024
Building digital infrastructure for developing countries with Nasrat Khalid from Aseel

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups.

On today’s episode, host Becca Szkutak is joined by our old friend Darrell Etherington to talk with Nasrat Khalid of Aseel. Aseel started as an e-commerce company making it possible for local artisans in Afghanistan to sell to customers across the world and has evolved into working in humanitarian aid delivering emergency food supplies to people in need in Afghanistan and Turkey. They also talk about:

  • How Aseel built a digital infrastructure that made it possible for artisans in developing countries to sell to customers all over the world
  • How the company pivoted from e-commerce to humanitarian aid when Afghanistan went into crisis in 2021
  • The potential ethical concerns that arise when your business focuses on the world’s most vulnerable populations

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