June 19, 2024

Finnish startup Varjo has unveiled a new XR headset range that promises mixed reality that’s “indistinguishable from natural sight.”

Named the XR-4 series, the devices merge several features that mimic the function of the human eye. They include high-resolution displays, advanced LiDAR depth sensors, foveated capture streams, and camera sensors. 

Varjo (pronounced “var-yo”) is squarely targeting the tech at enterprise customers. The company says its products are already used by over 25% of Fortune 100 businesses, as well as various government agencies.

Their applications range from pilot training and warfare simulations to architectural design and behavioural research. The automotive sector has been a particularly enthusiastic adopter. According to Varjo, 15 of the 20 largest carmakers in the world have used its systems to build and sell their vehicles.

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All these use cases require an extremely high level of visual fidelity. To meet these needs, Varjo has ramped up the specs for the XR-4 series.

The headset is now comprised of dual 4K x 4K displays with a resolution of 51 pixels per degree. Its field of view is over 50% wider than in the previous-generation devices, while the display brightness has doubled.

“These are the highest resolution VR displays in the world, with 28 million pixels across both eyes,” Patrick Wyatt, Chief Product Officer of Varjo, told TNW.

Photo of Varjo Chief Product Officer Patrick Wyatt