June 16, 2024
CES 2024: Everything revealed so far, from NVIDIA and AI to Samsung to foldable screens

CES 2024 is here! The TechCrunch team is in Las Vegas this week to take in all of the action and decipher what it means to you. You already know what we’re expecting, so sit back, relax and stay tuned throughout the week as we bring you the products, announcements and startup news that you need to know.

Kicking off the first day are some bigger announcements from companies, including Nvidia, LG and Samsung. Here are all the ways you can watch live.

And here’s how you can follow along with our team’s coverage.

Real-time translator

Image Credits: Timekettle

Timekettle announced the X1 Interpreter Hub, a more robust solution, designed for meetings. Timekettle calls it, “the world’s first multi-language simultaneous interpretation system.” The system works out of the box, without having to download a separate app. For in-person meetings, two devices are touched together to initiate conversation translation. The handheld devices house earbuds, similar to past Timekettle products. All told, the X1 is capable of supporting up to 20 people at once in five different languages. Read more.

LG’s transparent television

LG transparent television, CES 2024

LG SIGNATURE OLED T (Image credit: LG)

Televisions aren’t naturally pretty or used as a design feature, however, LG Electronics is out to change that perception. Today, consumer technology giant unveiled what it touts is “the world’s first” wireless transparent OLED TV. The LG Signature OLED T combines a transparent 4K OLED screen with LG’s wireless video and audio transmission technology.

Breathe easy

Neoplants at CES 2024.

Neoplants at CES 2024. Image credit: Haje Kamps / TechCrunch

French startup Neoplants is showing off its progress with its houseplants that work as air purifiers designed for the home. The bio-engineered plants can, according to the company, replace 20 “regular” houseplants, as measured by how many pollutants the plants can remove from the air. Read more.

Samsung’s bigger, foldier, more rollable displays

Image Credits: Samsung

Ahead of Samsung Electronics’ press conference later today, we have a look at some of its product plans that include a “new generation of products that can be folded inward and outward,” along with “monitor-sized” folding and sliding OLEDs. Read more. Samsung also unveiled a “Transparent MICRO LED” display for the first time.

Nvidia gets its game on

NVIDIA Jetson Platform Expansion

GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER


Today, Nvidia gets into artificial intelligence in a big way with the unveiling of its GeForce RTX, including the GeForce RTX 40 Super series of desktop graphics cards. Much of these are meant for gaming, and Nvidia said 14 of them will get the RTX upgrade treatment, including Horizon Forbidden West, Pax Dei, and Diablo IV. The RTX 4080 Super starts at $999.

More chips

Speaking of chips, AMD debuted its new Ryzen 8000G processors for the desktop.

Bosch’s in-car eye-tracking

Bosch driver monitoring system for drowsy driving

Image Credits: Bosch

Bosch is showing off two technologies this week in eye-tracking while driving: one will see that you have tired eyes and ask if you need an espresso when you arrive home. If yes, its connect technology will tell your fancy machine to have one ready. The other is a bit more complicated in that it’s developed to track what you’re looking at as you drive. Read more.

Smart cooking

We have a collection of small home appliances for the kitchen, from grills to smart microwaves and everything in between, that is sure to get you cooking this year, if you aren’t already. Read more.

ChatGPT in Volkswagen

An image showing the interior of a new Volkswagen Gold including the steering wheel and touchscreen.

Image Credits: Volkswagen

The German automaker plans to add an AI-powered chatbot into all Volkswagen models equipped with its IDA voice assistant. For now, it’s not available in the U.S. Read more.

Apple Vision Pro to go on sale Feb. 2

Image Credits: Apple

And Apple, in a surprise announcement preempting CES, stole some of the show’s thunder by announcing the Vision Pro will be available in the U.S. The consumer electronics giant confirmed that the Vision Pro will be available in the U.S. starting February 2. Pre-orders for the $3,500 spatial computing device open Friday, Jan. 19. Read more.

Some companies made announcements ahead of the big event. Check out what’s already made headlines:

Withings’ new multiscope device checks vitals for telehealth visits.

Invoxia has a new smart collar suitable for both cats and dogs.

This app lets restaurants and coffee shops charge to use the bathroom.

Aurora and Continental pass first major hurdle in commercial self-driving trucks deal.

This startup is bringing a ‘voice frequency absorber’ to CES 2024.

For just $139, this startup turns your iPhone into a BlackBerry-era relic.

Qualcomm next-gen XR chip promises up to 4.3K resolution per eye.

Urbanista integrates Powerfoyle tech with solar-powered headphones.

Moonwalker robotic shoes get lighter and smarter.

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