July 12, 2024

Few know the risks of working in the ocean better than Sam Mayall. A sailor since he was a boy, Mayall has witnessed several treacherous accidents offshore — some of which were fatal. 

That’s what drew the young deckhand to found Zelim in 2017. The startup’s technology aims to make remote-controlled search and rescue the norm — keeping people out of danger while, ultimately, saving lives.

Zelim, based out of Edinburgh, recently inked a deal with offshore wind giant Ocean Winds to trial its AI-powered person-overboard detection technology at a floating wind farm off the coast of Portugal

Using footage from CCTV or drones, the technology — dubbed ZOE — can find and track people, vessels, and other objects in real-time and in stormy seas. It currently does this to a 90% degree of accuracy, although the more the system is tested, the more accurate it will become. 

zelim AI detection