June 19, 2024
How Beatrice Dixon bootstrapped until The Honey Pot found a home | TechCrunch

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This week Becca and Dom are joined by Beatrice Dixon, the CEO and co-founder of The Honey Pot, a feminine care company known for its natural ingredients. Dixon spoke to the duo about the inspiration behind her company, bootstrapping into major retailers, and her relationship with the company’s dedicated consumer base.

Dixon also talked about:

  • Where the natural ingredient market for feminine care currently stands.
  • Managing the company’s first consumer blowback storm.
  • Her early tactics for getting The Honey Pot onto the radar of buyers.

In the outro, Dom and Becca talk a bit about the growing market for care companies that use natural ingredients, why younger consumers are now drawn to such companies, and how The Honey Pot is leading the way.

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