July 16, 2024
Google is sunsetting the Google Pay app in the US later this year

Google has announced that Google Pay is shutting down in the United States in June, as the standalone app has largely been replaced by Google Wallet. The company says the move is designed to simplify its payment apps. After the standalone app shuts down in the United States, it will only be available in Singapore and India.

Although the change may seem sudden, it makes sense for Google to consolidate and simplify its payment apps to make its services less confusing for its users, as it props up Google Wallet as the go-to, singular app for its payment features.

Users can continue to access the app’s most popular features right from Google Wallet, which Google says is used five times more than the Google Pay app in the United States.

After June 4, users will no longer be able to send, request or receive money through the U.S. version of the Google Pay app. Users have until that date to view and transfer their Google Pay balance to their bank account via the app. If you still have funds in your account after that date, you can view and transfer your funds to your bank from the Google Pay website.

Users who used the Google Pay app to find offers and deals can still so do using the new deals destination on Google Search, the company says.

Google Wallet is the company’s primary place for mobile payments in the United States, and will likely remain so. The app lets you use your phone to pay in stores, board a plane, ride transit, store loyalty cards, save driver’s licenses and start your car via a digital key.

Google says millions of people in more than 180 countries use Google Pay to check out when shopping on desktop, mobile and in-store.

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