July 21, 2024
These 61 robotics companies are hiring

It’s extremely heartening to see our little list effectively double since the last time we did one of these. While it’s true that layoffs continue to plague the tech industry at large, there are few better fields to be expert in at the moment than Robotics and AI.

With more than 60 entries this week, there are plenty of jobs and companies to choose from, across a broad range of different segments, from mail sorting to surgery to space.

To everyone who lost a job, recently graduated or is just looking for something new, here’s to finding your next big thing.


ACK Robotics (10 roles)
Advanced Construction Robotics (3 roles)
Aescape (7 roles)
Aigen (16 roles)
Ambi Robotics (2 roles)
ANYbotics (24 roles)
Astrobotic (40 roles)
Aurora (63 roles)
Austrian Institute of Technology (1 role)
Avidbots (12 roles)
Baubot (12 roles)
Bloomfield Robotics (5 roles)
Bridge Appliances Inc (2 roles)
Carnegie Robotics (3 roles)
Chef Robotics (9 roles)
Collaborative Robotics (8 roles)
Covariant (14 roles)
Crimson Tech (3 roles)
Cyvl.ai (3 roles)
Dexterity (39 roles)
Edge Case Research (3 roles)
Exotec (176 roles)
Formic (7 roles)
Formlogic (10 roles)
Four Growers (4 roles)
Foxglove (2 roles)
Gather AI (5 roles)
GrayMatter Robotics (8 roles)
Hellbender (6 roles)
Honeywell (10 roles)
Identified Technology (5 roles)
Kef Robotics (3 roles)
Kewazo (2 roles)
Matic Robotics (12 roles)
Medra AI (2 roles)
Mine Vision Systems (2 roles)
Motional (19 roles)
National Robotics Engineering Center (3 roles)
Near Earth Autonomy (7 roles)
Neya Systems (6 roles)
Nimble Robotics (9 roles)
Onward Robotics (3 roles)
Point One Navigation (5 roles)
Pudu Robotics (2 roles)
Reframe Systems (3 roles)
Roboto AI (1 role)
Robust AI (12 roles)
Sanctuary AI (12 roles)
Scythe Robotics (7 roles)
Seegrid (10 roles)
ST Engineering Aethon (4 roles)
Stack AV (40 roles)
Standard Bots (8 roles)
Stratom Inc (7 roles)
Symbotic (95 roles)
The AI Institute (18 roles)
Titan Robotics (3 roles)
Vayu Robotics (4 roles)
Vecna Robotics (5 roles)
Vention (19 roles)
Volley Automation (6 roles)

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