June 14, 2024
DeepL launches AI writing assistant for businesses trained on its own LLM

DeepL, which has been rivalling machine translation giants such as Google Translate and Microsoft Translator, has launched an AI writing assistant tailored for businesses.

Dubbed DeepL Write Pro, the product acts as a creative assistant for use during the drafting process. It provides suggestions on word choice, phrasing, style, and tone, aiming to improve the text, while preserving the writer’s own voice.

Currently available in English and German, the tool comes with customisation options for both style (such as business, academic, or casual) and tone (such as friendly, diplomatic, or enthusiastic). Its use scope covers multiple types of business communication, ranging from internal messages to contracts.

According to DeepL, the writing assistant can polish business texts regardless of the writer’s language proficiency. The tool also has several security features, including TLS encryption and text deletion.

Notably, Write Pro is the first product that’s powered by DeepL’s own large language models (LLMs). The startup has been training its LLMs from scratch — in part, thanks to its Mercury supercomputer, which it deployed last year.

According to Jarek Kutylowski, DeepL’s founder and CEO, the startup’s customers want more than just translation.

“There is also a range of employees who need to communicate in a language in which they are proficient, but who want/need to perfect their writing,” he told TNW.

Founded in 2017, DeepL offers free and premium AI translation services, with a special focus on B2B products, where the startup sees the biggest demand for its products.

It now covers over 30 languages and counts 100,000 business users. In January, the company raised an undisclosed amount (estimated at €100mn), reaching unicorn status at a €1bn valuation.

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