June 14, 2024

Tilburg-based Mr. Winston has raised €600,000 to further develop its hospitality POS system and expand into more markets.

Founded in 2015, the startup provides a cloud-based POS solution that can work on all devices and operating systems such as iOS and Android. The POS also features additional modules, including reservations, QR ordering, and kitchen screens.

“This flexibility towards the user is lacking in our competition,” Koen Lavrijssen, founder and CTO at Mr. Winston, told TNW.

Mr. Winston counts hundreds of customers in the Netherlands and recently expanded across five more countries in Europe, including Germany and Spain.

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In 2023, the startup witnessed 140% growth and is currently seeing increasing demand for its product from hotel restaurants and the fine-dining market.

The funding round marks the company’s first fundraising from external investors, following nine years of growth through bootstrapping.

“Bootstrapping felt like running around in a forest where every tree is on fire,” Lavrijssen said. “But I do believe it forces you to focus on the right things: unit economics.”

“Now, we want to accelerate even faster, and for that, external funding is necessary,” he added.

With the fresh funding, Mr. Winston plans to expand its sales team, scale up marketing, further develop its products, and enter new markets. The round was backed by angel investors.

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